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NEWS: Wie von vielen Fans erwartet, hat sich die Band entschlossen aufzuhören. Es wird 2018 unter dem Namen "The Final Mile" eine Abschiedstour geben. Die Termine in Deutschland: 7.6. Berlin (Zitadelle), 8.6. Stuttgart (Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle), 9.6. Köln (LANXESS Arena).

Beim Fan-Club nur für Mitglieder erhältlich:
CD Access All Areas 1:
Introduction by Calum, Protect and survive (Hamburg live 2001), A dh'innse na firinn (Köln live 2001), The engine room (Portsmouth live 2001), Big songs of hope and cheer (Portsmouth live 2001), Tartan special (Köln live 2001), An sabhal aig Neill (Hamburg live 2001), The stamping ground (Portsmouth live 2001), Flower of the West (Hamburg live 2001), Cnoc na feille (Köln live 2001), Maymorning (Köln live 2001), Bruce's Interview on BBC Scotland, One thing (Demo), Solus na madainn (Demo), The water is wide (Tonder Festival live 1999), Air an traigh (Isle of Lewis live 1978)
CD Access All Areas 2:
Running to the light (Instrumental intro Edinburgh live 2001), Wall of China/One man (Paderborn live 2001), Saints of the soil (Mainz live 2001), One thing (Manchester live 2001), Every river (Heilbronn live 2001), What time (Lübeck live 2001), The message (Odense live 2001), Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Heilbronn live 2001), Skye (Heilbronn live 2001), Introduction to archive by Malcolm, Na h'uain a's t-earrach Theme (Introduction music for the Runrig concert set), The wire (Demo), Spoons (Edinburgh live 1984), The college reel (Edinburgh live 1984), The mighty Atlantic (Demo)
CD Access All Areas 3: Introduction by Rory, The ship (Inverness live 2002), Canada (London live 2002), Oran Ailean/Leaving Strathconon (Glenrothes live 2002), Feasgar an là (Oxford live 2002), Running to the light (Oxford live 2002), The old boys (Demo), April come she will (B-side from 1993), Toll dubh (Live for BBC 1984), Cnoc na feille (Demo), Introduction to the Janice Long Radio 2 Interview 2001, Book of golden stories/Including chat (live for BBC), One thing/including chat (live for BBC), The stamping ground/including chat (live for BBC)
CD Access All Areas 4: CD1: The summer walkers (Falun Folk Festival, Sweden 2002), An sabhal aig Neill (Faroe Islands 2002), Hearts of olden glory (Barrowlands, Glasgow 2002), Maymorning (Barrowlands, Glasgow 2002), Flett from Flotta (for Gaelic radio programme 1977), Sguaban arbhair (for Gaelic radio programme 1977), An ros (for Gaelic radio programme 1977), Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland 1982), Anytown (Demo), Toll dubh/'S tu mo Leannan/Nightfall on Marsco (East Berlin 1987), The lost reel (Missing track from the Recovery sessions), Tir an airm (East Berlin 1987), Suilven (B-side from Song of the Earth single). CD2: Special BBC tribute programme marking the 30 year Anniversary
CD Access All Areas 5 From the North (Magnum Centre, Irvine), Day of days (Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow), Big Sky (Usher Hall, Edinburgh), Empty glens (Empire Theater, Liverpool), Interview Soren Dahl with Bruce and Calum for Danish radio, All the miles (Cafe Hack, Arhus), Day of days (SWR Studio, Mainz), Hearts of olden glory (SWR Studio, Mainz), Empty glens (SWR Studio, Mainz), The work song, This time of year (Rory)
DVD Access All Areas 6 Empty glens, An toll dubh, Cnoc na feille (Stirling Castle Anniversary Concert), The ship, Oran Ailean/Leaving Strathconon, The engine room, An sabhal aig Neill, The black rock/What time (Barrowlands - the missing DVD), Proterra (Usher Hall, Edinburgh), Hearthammer, Wonderful, Protect and survive, An ubhal as airde, Rhythm of my heart, Stepping down the glory road, The greatest flame, News from Heaven, Alba, Long distance (Promotional video archive)
CD Access All Areas 7 Day of days (Tonder/DK 2004), Big Sky (Tonder/DK 2004), The engine room (Tonder/DK 2004), A reiteach (Tonder/DK 2004), Proterra (Tonder/DK 2004 with Duncan Chisholm), Skye (Tonder/DK 2004 with Blair Douglas), Maymorning (Tonder/DK 2004), Angels from the ashes (Tonder/DK 2004 with Blair Douglas), Protect and survive (Tonder/DK 2004 with Blair Douglas), The greatest flame (2005 version), In search of Angels (Celtic Connections 2005, by Brian Hurren), Dancing floor (Demo)
DVD Access All Areas 8 This darkest Winter, O cho meallt, Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh, Alba, Protect and survive, Cnoc na feille, Dance called America, Skye, Tir an airm, Chi mi'n geamhradh, Loch Lomond (Mod for Rockers, Stirling 1987)
CD Access All Areas 9 Flower of the West (Koblenz 2005), The wedding (Stuttgart 2005), The greatest flame (Wien 2005), Toll dubh (New York 2006), Life is (Greenock 2005), The old boys (Berlin 2005), Only the brave (Stuttgart 2005), Hearts of olden glory (New York 2006), This time of year (Stuttgart 2005), The numbers game, Gabriel's sword (Brian Hurren Remix), This is not a love song (Demo) ... und hier ist noch ein Hidden Track versteckt, der sich lohnt: Erstmals eine Live-Aufnahme vom singenden Drummer Iain Bayne ("Renfra clippie")
CD Access All Areas 10 Atoms (München), Road trip (Freiburg), And the accordions played (Edinburgh), This day (Edinburgh), The Ocean Road (Hamburg), Travellers / In Scandinavia (Hamburg), Clash of the ash (Edinburgh), On the edge (Aalborg), Protect and survive (Aalborg), Something's got to give (Demo), Clash of the ash (Live DVD, Edinburgh) - all from 2008 tour.
CD Access All Areas 11 This darkest Winter, Road trip, Edge of the World, The mighty Atlantic, Heading to Acadia, Atoms, Medley (Wall of China, Maymorning, Rocket to the Moon, Nightfall on Marsco), Every river, Clash of the ash.
DVD Access All Areas 12 Things that are, Edge of the World, Heading to Acadia (Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline 2010), The Ocean Road (Eden Court Theatre, Inverness 2008), An Sabhall Aig Neill / Drum Section (Hebridean Celtic Festival, Stornoway 2010), Alba (Zitadelle Berlin, 2010), The Mighty Atlantic (Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline 2010), On the Edge (Eden Court Theatre, Inverness 2008), Road Trip (Zitadelle Berlin, 2010), In Search of Angels (Scone Palace, Perthshire 2010), An T-Iasgair (Archive non performance video), Collide (Brian Hurren promo video)

Band-Infos und Fanseiten:
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